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This young guy holds demonstrational lectures on physiology from time to time giving them to ladies mostly and trying to open up the secrets of male body! How does he do it? He hires a small well-lighted hall, invites a certain number of ladies to the lodging, firstly shows everything on the board and then gets undressed displaying all on himself. As you see, this becomes a forced cfnm orgy in which an amount of ladies have fun with a staple nude bloke, churn his Spam javelin and have cfnm humiliation as much as they are eager!

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Measuring his Mr. Jones with a ruler or biologizing his Long Dong Silver is strong hobby for all jellybeans! Holy Shit! The cfnm party is picking up steam!

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That is so tedious and boring for a young guy taking interest in life to work day after day in the hot sultry shop, answer the same stupid questions to the customers and dream of better work or at least a couple of horny sex sensations! Oops! One day he gets a couple of the well-familiar babes he has known for ages in his shop to buy some anniversary souvenir or something like that! Cool! What’s more, all three of them are amateurs of the cfnm humiliation and don’t miss a man getting him plunged into their salacious forced cfnm stories, pics and videos!

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Actually, they are just entertaining this time getting a collar on his neck, squeeze it to the max and start dusting his duvet to the extremes!

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