A mess-up soldier must purify his fault and that is a nasty challenge for a female officer and her soldier that are doing their best to kick the ass of that fucking private that left his post while he was to perform his duty! Well, actually this is just one more cfnm party that is […]

This young guy holds demonstrational lectures on physiology from time to time giving them to ladies mostly and trying to open up the secrets of male body! How does he do it? He hires a small well-lighted hall, invites a certain number of ladies to the lodging, firstly shows everything on the board and then […]

Once the match is over and all guys find themselves in the cloakroom, there appears some tall point-headed madam or even some of them that give nasty smiles at the clod-hoppers and suggest holding a horny cfnm party! To this, all males say Yes and undergo cfnm humiliation that isn’t like anything they have ever […]

Three bitches made up their minds to have a bridal shower to feast the upcoming wedding of one of them in the local bar! The things are coming pretty soon as drinking more and more at the stand, they get the barman out of the bar stand and provide him with a cfnm party that […]

That is so tedious and boring for a young guy taking interest in life to work day after day in the hot sultry shop, answer the same stupid questions to the customers and dream of better work or at least a couple of horny sex sensations! Oops! One day he gets a couple of the […]